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Learn Forex with Abe Cofnas

September 15th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments
By Fiora

Are You listed among the 90% Traders who lose money Trading Forex in "FEAR" of failure, Discover "HOW TO GET RID OF YOUR TRADING FEAR" To Join the 10% That Wins...

Abe Cofnas is THE Forex Guru, President and Founder of Learn4xi. Since 1999, Abe has presented his unique approach of training individuals to trade Forex. Abe's technique integrates fundamental and technical analysis with the state-of-art instructional tools which enable successful self-paced learning. Using tested methodologies from several fields, Abe Cofnas provides a worldwide audience with analysis & insight to the movements of the Forex market. It is therefore not surprising to...Read More...

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